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Capability Statement

Colleen Portrait - Original Used on Soci

Colleen Middleton, CPA, MBA, CEO and Founder of Excerebus™ Logistics, Inc.


  • U.S. Air Force Service Rated Veteran

  • Six years as a Transportation Journeyman

  • Certified Public Accountant

    • Florida #AC49641​

    • North Carolina #42038

  • MBA, Personal Financial Planning

  • BBA, Major in Accounting, Summa Cum Laude

  • Twenty-Two Years in the Accounting Industry

  • Over a Decade at a Fortune 500 Company

  • Received National Recognition for Helping Soldiers and Families

    • Dr. Mary E. Walker Award​

    • Shield of Sparta - Heroine of the Infantry

    • Yellow Rose of Texas Award

  • Mother of 5 Children

    • 3 Eagle Scouts​

    • 1 Girl Scout Gold Award Recipient

    • Youngest son is on his way to Eagle.

Michael Stevens, COO

Michael Stevens, COO

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